For some home owners, having a chimney is very vital especially if you have a fireplace. This will help to keep warm in winter and snowy days. The fire and smoke coming from the fireplace will go out of your house with the help of the chimney. It is not only useful for you living room with fire stoves but as well to your kitchen. If it a great part of your kitchen as well. This will help not to stay the smoke or the steam of the one that your cooking to stay in one place only. Most of the restaurants considered this is the most important part of a cooking room to have. But most of the people ignore about the right way of cleaning it and even for inspecting it if there are problems or things there that is nor properly installed. There could be a lot of visible indication that it really needs a repair but we often ignore it and don’t think this one as a serious problem to think of. The residential inspections Chattanooga caters chimney inspection if you don’t know how to do it. They will check every details of your fireplace to your chimney to make sure that everything is the right place. It could be very confusing for those people who don’t have enough knowledge about cleaning the chimney. The passage going to the top part of the chimney is narrow so it is not going to be easy for you to check it. There is also a lot of accumulated dust and dirt there that could be very harmful for those people who would not wear the proper gears in observing and investigating the problem. So, while you are waiting for them to arrive, you may look at some of the points and signs to help you relay the information to the professional people under this field.  


  1. Check for the joints between the roof and the one connected to the wall or passage of the chimney. If the installation is not correct or done properly it would result to an easily distorted chimney. There is a possibility that water will leak there and that will be the cause of small creaks to a bigger one. This one happens to those months that the weather is very hot and cold.  
  1. When the chimney is not doing the exacting thing that it is supposed to do, then there might be something not right here. If you have seen some accumulated rust in the fireplace and moisture is the possible cause of this. A simple and small moisture could lead to a bigger problem to your chimney.  
  1. If the bricks that making the chimney stand still started to fall off or not on its order anymore then you are right that sooner or later it will cause cracking to other parts and falling off as well.  
  1. If you have notice that there is a leak of water coming out during rainy days from your chimney. Probably that is the effect of having a damage in the crown part of the chimney on the roof.